How to Landscape a Corner of the Yard

Landscaping the corners of your yard ties the entire yard in with the landscaping of your home. Typically, homeowners landscape around their patios or outdoor entertainment areas and leave the yard open as a play area. When you add landscaping to the far corners of the yard, however, the play area seems more like part of the landscape. A well-landscaped corner should have a backdrop, focal point and accent elements, although there are a wide range of choices for each element. There`s no need to hire a professional landscaper, because you can do the project yourself in one weekend.

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    Mark the space for your corner landscape design with flour, chalk or landscape paint, and then dig out the area to remove the grass.

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    Place a backdrop in the back portion of the area, choosing from options like a split-rail fence, antique bed headboards or a stone wall. For a split-rail fence, use a single post in the corner and frame the area with rails that extend to the ground on either side. If you have an existing fence, this will also serve well as a backdrop.

  • Plant taller background plants, like shrubs, in the back of the area, just in front of the backdrop piece. You can use plants like burning bush euonymous, Russian sage, butterfly bush, boxwood and ornamental grasses- or incorporate a few different types for your backdrop.

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    Layer plants in the area so that taller plants are in the back and shorter plants are in the front. Layering plants in this way ensures that all the plants can be seen and also helps to create the illusion of depth in the corner.

  • Create a focal point for the corner landscape, whether it be a water feature, like a pond or bird bath, or a brilliant plant that takes center stage.

  • Incorporate different colors and textures so that you have a wide variety of plants that create a visually interesting garden. Also plant a variety of plants with different blooming times so the area has color throughout the season.

  • Add a seating area with concrete garden benches, iron furniture or seats made from large stumps.

  • Change up the corner landscape to fit with the seasons. For example, you can add spring-flowering annuals in April and May or decorate with gourds and hay bales in autumn.

  • Mulch around the plants to hold moisture in the soil and help reduce weed growth. Small plants need only about 2 inches, while 4 to 6 inches of mulch is best for large plants.

  • Define the area with a border made from natural stone or landscape edging.

Tips & Warnings

  • When planning the corner landscape, keep the adult sizes of plants in mind and space your plants accordingly. While the area may seem sparse at first, it can become full or overgrown by the second or third growing season.
  • Only plant flowers and shrubs that will thrive in the soil, water and sunlight conditions of the corner. It is always helpful to amend the soil with organic material or rich compost before planting a garden.
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