Weeping Cherry Tree Leaves Are Turning Brown

Weeping cherry trees are susceptible to a number of diseases and environmental conditions that can turn their leaves brown. If left untreated, fungal diseases can be fatal to weeping cherry trees. Keep your weeping cherry tree healthy by diagnosing and treating the problems that can turn the leaves brown.



  • Fungal diseases such as root rot can turn the leaves brown. A lack of water contributes to defoliation and color changes. Sun scald, brought on by excessive light and heat without adequate water, causes leaf discoloration. Nutrient deficiencies in the soil also cause the leaves to turn brown. Bacterial diseases such as leaf spot affect leaves through small spots that eventually affect the entire leaf.


  • Brown leaves limit the tree`s ability to process nutrients and energy. This weakens the tree, making it more susceptible to pests and the diseases they carry, which in turn weakens the tree further. If a tree is totally defoliated or has a large portion of its leaves discolored, it may not be able to produce fruit or flowers. Severely affected trees sometimes die if left untreated.

Preventive Care

  • Prevention saves time and money. Keep the soil around the base of the tree irrigated so that standing water does not provide a place for fungi and bacteria to grow. Apply preventative fungicides and pesticides in the early spring to ward off pests and fungi. Water the weeping cherry tree weekly to help keep it healthy.

Care for Weeping Cherry Trees

  • If weeping cherry trees develop brown leaves, there are a number of things that can be done to improve the tree`s health. Remove fallen leaves from the ground, as rotting organic matter hosts bacteria and fungi. Prune dead branches and take off dead leaves, and remove them from the garden area to stop disease from spreading. Apply fungicides or pesticides to kill the source of the problems.

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