How to Trap a Rabbit

How to Trap a Rabbit. You`ve worked hard sowing your garden and watching it grow only to have rabbits come in for a snack at the crack of dawn and nibble it down to nothing. Nothing can be more frustrating to a gardener. Desperate times call for desperate measures and it`s time to find those rabbits a new home. A humane, live trap will work well if you know how and when to place it.

How to Trap a Rabbit

Things You`ll Need

  • Rabbit trap
  • Rabbit bait
  • Live trapping license, if required
Step 1

Track the paths used by the rabbits to enter your garden area or around your yard where they`ve been chewing and causing damage to plants. If your garden is fenced in, try to find the entry point the rabbits have been using.

Step 2

Video: Amazing Quick Rabbit Trap Using Paiute Deadfall Trap - How To Make Rabbit Trap That Work 100%

Purchase or make a live rabbit trap. A one-door cage trap is terrific and can usually be found at a feed supply store.

Step 3

Place the trap at the entry point to your garden or along the trail they`ve been following around the yard.

Step 4

Video: Amazing Quick Rabbit Trap Using Paiute Deadfall Trap & PVC Pipe, How To Make Rabbit Trap & Palm Tree

Bait the trap with dandelions, leafy greens, carrots or tempting rabbit snacks from a pet supply store.

Step 5

Set the baited trap in place during active times for rabbits such as dusk and dawn.

Step 6

Monitor the trap so you can release the rabbit as soon as possible after it has been caught.

Step 7

Relocate the rabbit to a park or other rural location and release it. Repeat steps 3 through 7 until you notice a significant decline in rabbit population as evidenced by a flourishing garden.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to release the rabbit in a location at least 5 miles away.
  • Be sure to check the trapping and gaming laws in your area.
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